Secure Your Smart Home
Stay Connected, Notify in with Your Home and Family
SiterOne System
SiterOne teblet is a 8-inch tablet with intelligent home automation software embedded. As a smart home controller, it interact with Z-Wave home devices such as door contact, plug, motion sensor, CO and smoke alarm sensors as well as IP cameras which make a flexible platform for your existing devices
Home Automation
When you come back home, dimmer light will be set most comfortable level, and fans will be turned on if room temperature is too high
House Protection
Beside siren, system camera will also take a snapshot if a suspect triggers the sensors. Image will be delivered to mobile app immediately.
Energy Saving
Every room will be adjust be your preferred temperature depends on you are away home or at home. Save environment and save money!
Premises Security
Professional smoke alarm sensor, CO alarm sensor and water alarm sensor. Make sure you are notified on mobile app when you are away home
All Things You Need Are Here
SiterOne Package
PIR Sensor
Power Plug
Motion Sensor
Easy Management
Control dimmer light or radiator, makes home comfortable
Notify Anytime
Notification on smartphone app, email, and even phone call
View Anywhere
Live viewing your home and care your beloved ones
Quick Installation
Simple tutorial to quick setup the system
See Our Device Family
Door Sensor
Smoke Alarm
CO Alarm
Motion Sensor
IP Camera
Water Alarm
You Deserve This
Linking Power plug, Smoke sensors, and IP cameras.
Connected your home devices
Customized Automaton
Flexible rule to interact with things
Specific rule under different scenario
Easy scheduling your daily routines
Smart Security
Device and system alert pop-up
Smart system status checkups
PIN code protection
Remote Management
Camera live streaming
Urgent alert notification
Multiple locations management
Mobile Application
Free apps on both Android Google Play and Apple App Store